Full Pass Information
The amount of full passes at a discounted rate will be limited. There are 100 passes total per tier price range, 60 for the Nordic Regions (Residents in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) and 40 for the World region (All others). If we sell out all our tiers in one of the regions, you'll still have a change to buy passes from the other at TIER 4 rate.

WORLD region (Couples)
WORLD region (Single)
NORDIC region (Couples)
NORDIC region (Single)
1200 SEK p/p
1400 SEK
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK
1800 SEK p/p
2000 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
2000 SEK
2000 SEK p/p
2200 SEK p/p

To register with a partner you will need: Full name, email adress and country of residence for both you and your partner. You don't need to be from the same region as the person you register with. Choose one of the regions for both, and we will manually correct the price to fit each individual attendee and country.

Couple discount 200 SEK per person from the single price (Already included in the prices above)

Note: Each link indicator will tell you the status of the tier availability at that specific price level!

Only info available
Registration open
Few spots left
Tier sold out

Swedish residents
- Använd vårt svenska BG/PG system för din betalning. Den är enklast för oss att hantera administrativt!
International payments - WORLD + All Nordic countries except Sweden
Guidelines and bank transfer info are attached in your confirmation email or you can find a description right underneath the registration link section! *
If the registration form for whatever reason is displayed in Swedish, open it in Google Chrome and/or have Google Translate active!

Here are the registration links:

Boka aktiviteter och artiklar

* Payment instructions for attendees outside of Sweden

When paying, using option 1 is by far the most efficient one, since our registration system then automatically detects when the money has arrived in our account. If you by any chance have to opt for 2, we will manually have to track your payment and it will take longer time to process your registration.
For this event we have both partner registration (discounted from the single registration price) and single registration. However, if you register without a partner you will automatically be put on a waiting list, until we can guarantee a fair dance role balance. All who register with a partner will have priority and be guaranteed a spot directly. However, you are not confirmed to the event until you receive the invoice info connected to your registration. You can also find our account details at the bottom of this page.

1. Download TransferWise App to your smart phone.

After you enter the amount due, press 'send money'. The next step (screenshot here on the right) gives you the option to pay by Bankgiro instead of IBAN, as well as the option to put in the recipient's e-mail adress. For fastest process, type and use the numer 881-6050 in the bankgiro window. Done!

2. International bank transfer - After filling out the form, you will get a notification that we have received your registration. Please don't transfer any money until you have recieved a second email with confirmation + invoice for the correct amount. Once you have that, you need to send the payment asap so we can confirm the transaction. We have to search through all international payments manually so this process will take a bit longer than the option using TransferWise. If for whatever reason you receive a reminder, please email us promptly and save your receipt for verification at the door!

Account number: 64 51 99-1 SEK
Bank account ID: 9960 2606451991 
IBAN: SE11 9500 0099 6026 0645 1991 

Company adress: 
Svenska SwingAkademien AB 
Vassvägen 8, c/o Illanes
746 37 Bålsta, Sweden

All Stars - We have 12 free passes available (6 leaders + 6 follows) In exchange for judging assistance