Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register with a partner?

At the opening stage of the registration, technically no. We do however, always recommend followers to register with a partner, in order to mantain a balance in the leader/follower ratio. Since it's the norm at most events to always have more followers during the registration period (or followers simply being quicker to register to guarantee themselves a spot) the slots for single followers tends to fill up really fast. If you do find a partner, naturally it also makes life easier for us.

Am I confirmed as soon as you receive my registration?

No. The automated system sends you a confirmation that we have recieved your registration, but due the above mentioned scenario, we have to wait until we have enough leaders to match the ratio. Once we have spot for you, an invoice will be sent to the email adress you specified in the registration. Only then is your spot guaranteed. After that, you have 15 days to complete the process by wiring us the money (international) or using the OCR number (national) to pay the invoice.

Can I pay for the hotel through the NWCSC website?

All room bookings must be made through the Scandic website. You don't need to pay in advance, just reserve the room like you would at any regular hotel booking, only specify the following code (NOT AVAILABLE) to receive the discount for the Nordic WCS championships. Standard Scandic Hotel cancellation policy applies!

Am I allowed to film the workshops?

Yes! Having a video diary is for many participants crucial to remember all the combinations, technique advice, steps, etc. We ask kindly though that you only film workshops you've actually participated in and not to film the teachers during the class. If you are in the room, either observe to absorbe or be active and dance.

Can I take a class that is not my level?

Since we decided to drop the audition process for 2015 it's going to be up to each participant to know their limits and strengths. The only level where we will have specific requirements is the level 5. From experience we give you a heads up though, that workshops run a lot smoother for everybody if the participants have a matching knowledge base (we really don't like using the term level...). So if you can find it in yourself to follow the recommendations in the requirements section, guaranteed you will always find something to learn or practice, regardless of the "level" of the class.

The FAQ section is updated regularly! If you have any inquiries that are not answered here, please feel free to email us through the "Contact Us" section.