Upper West


This is probably the most convenient way to cover your needs for the weekend. The restaurant is located just up the escalator from the main ballroom which means fast access in between classes. Meal Pack is 550 SEK (60 EUR). Fri dinner + Sat & Sun, lunch and dinner. Inlcuded in the price is also a fresh salad bar, bread, coffee/tea and some sweet treats. Don't miss out...

Thai House (Thai, Chinese, Sushi)

The closest restaurant outside of the hotel. Not the fastest service, but the food is pretty descent. You may want to give them a heads up how many guests are coming and an estimated eating time. And be ready to order the check straight after you finished if you want to be on time for workshops, shows or any other scheduled activity.

Subway (Sandwiches, salads)

Probably the fastest way to get food in the area, depending on how many people are standing in line. Choose your moments wisely! During shorter lunch breaks or straight after workshops, this place tends to get busy. We will be flagging to their staff that our event is happening, but there are no guarantees for how many will be working.

La Piazza (Italian, A la carte)

If you want to have a quiet moment with OK food, this is probably your best shot. Due to the large amount of visitors at the event it could fill up fast. Probably more suited for a longer lunch or an early dinner. Table reservations do occur, but make sure you are there before closing time, cause they get cranky if you mess up their time table.

Pranzo (Kebab & Salads)

None from the organizing team have actually tried this place, but that's probably just a coincidence. Situated in the shopping area close to SUBWAY this establishment will serve you kebab and fresh salads. Semi-ok price range and most likely eatable food. We reserve the right to have absolutely no clue what your experience here might be.

ICA (Supermarket)

If you are on a budget, you don't want to rule this option out. Grilled chicken, food buffet (salad options as well), heatable items like noodles, pastas, etc. and obviously yoghurts, bread, cheese, fruit, veggies, milk, juice... Well you get the idea. Other than the content, supermarkets in Sweden are no different than in any other country.

Max (Hamburgers)

Known for being one of the largest franchising burger joints in Sweden, although a longer walk than the other restaurants, if you are looking for a pretty descent fast food burger it could be worth your trouble. In short, we could summarize it as the Swedish version of McDonalds or Burger King. You either love it or hate it!